Bloop, Bloop, Shop! A Page Speed Tweaking Service
for your Shopify Store

by Pascal Laliberté

This Shopify theme has no tweaks. On slow connections, it takes a while before you see which site you’re on.

Shopify Store loading slowly, no tweaking, showing nothing

This Shopify theme was tweaked. You can already see low-res versions of the images as it loads

Shopify Store loading slowly, with tweaking, showing low-res versions of the background and logo

The Speed Tweak

On slow mobile connections, or in slow data zones, your Shopify Store might be loading too slowly for your visitors. They tap to your site, wait a bit, it’s too slow for them, and they go back. Lost sale.

A slow-loading site will also affect your search rankings.

How’s your site doing?

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Some of the things you’d have to do to fix it:

Q. How come Shopify doesn’t provide themes made for this?

Shopify already does a lot to help with speed. They host your images (and styles and scripts) on servers around the world (via a CDN) for fast speeds. They provide an easy way to serve just the right image for the device. Its themes are built for the balance between speed and good looks. And Shopify also gives tips on how to improve your page-loading speed, but for those, the ball’s in your court.

My services: here’s what you’ll get:

By the end of our time together, you’ll have:

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